About Me

Marcia was interested in fashion from a very early age. By the first grade when her mother would sew her clothes to wear that she didn't like she would smuggle another outfit and change her clothes at school. She always had something favorite that she wore. This photo is Marcia in the 2nd grade in one of her favorite dresses. A plaid military style naru collar dress. Her love of plaid made her beg her parents to send her to parochial school instead of public but to no avail. Her flair for fashion continued into her teens when she scavenged Salvation Army and vintage stores before it became popular. It wouldn't be surprising to see her at a concert dressed in a Victorian two piece "Little Women" outfit. It's no wonder that she became an Art Director. Marcia has always had an eye for style and composition. She started out as a model which took her into a career as a stylist for 15 years before becoming an Art Director.